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Vine ripe Tomatoes + flaky sea salt

Vine Ripe Tomatoes + flaky sea salt


Tomato season is fast approaching in the northern hemisphere and that is when vine ripe truly means vine ripened!  For those of you with tomatoes growing in your garden, or procured from a local farmer, it is the simplest of pleasures, plucked off the vine and onto the table in minutes.

There is no recipe. Simplicity often provides the greatest of rewards and vine ripened tomatoes are an absolute must with any summer supper, served at room temperature with a flaky sea salt and fresh sweet basil leaves. It is pure heaven!

Maldon Salt Flakes (Essex, England) is my choice of sea salts. A bit dear but well worth the fleeting indulgence showered over vine ripe tomatoes while the season provides. Locally harvested flaky salts are also increasingly available around the globe, so by all means try them, as I do here at home in Thailand.

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