Gorgeous Dutch cheese!

Dutch cheeses bring back such fond memories of my years in Holland, with early morning jaunts to my local shop in Lienden’s village square for cheeses and fresh baked breads to take home for a real Dutch breakfast. The nagelkaas pictured is a treat indeed, brought back by my dear Dutch friend Mathilde on her return from a recent trip to Holland. Dutch cheeses are available worldwide of course, as well as here in Thailand. But, as good as they are, most are young cheeses that do not capture the depth or variety of flavors you find in artisan aged Dutch cheeses in Holland.

The cheese pictured is a traditional boeren (farmer) kaas (cheese), also known as nagelkaas, that dates back centuries from the province of Friesland in the north east of Holland. The cheese was produced on small farms using skimmed milk or buttermilk,  boldly flavored with cumin and clove, and aged to perfection. Nagelkass is now made with whole milk by artisan cheese makers in central Holland, a few of which ship worldwide. Aged Dutch cheeses are also available at select speciality cheese purveyors in larger cities worldwide.

If you are travelling to Holland be sure to visit Reypenaer shops in Amsterdam or visit Wijngaard Kaas’ historic warehouse and shop (click here) in Woerden.

Visit Reypenaer Cheese (click here) for more information and international shipping.

If you are cheese shopping in Holland, a quick reference guide for identifying Dutch cheeses by age.

  • Jong (young), aged 4 weeks
  • Jong-belegen, aged 7 or 8 weeks
  • Belegen (mature), aged 16 to 18 weeks
  • Extra belegen, aged 7 to 8 months
  • Oud (old), aged 10 to 12 months
  • Over jarig (very old) aged more than 18 months

En eet smakelijk!

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