Vietnam: tiin sio, mid 20th century

Vietnam: tiin sio, mid-20th century

A new addition to Galleries: Textiles from South East Asia.

Why textiles? In my wanderings across South East Asia I have discovered that textiles, like regional foods, mirror the stories, traditions, and the soul of a culture’s histories woven into cloth, just as the delights of food provide an opportunity to experience and absorb a culture’s roots and sensibilities around a table, or in some cases, gathered around a mat on the ground. I have been collecting antique textiles from Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and southern China for many years and adding them to Galleries seemed apropos.

Textiles are a quiet and unsung art form that is often overlooked or relegated to being a utilitarian mantle, but with a closer look you discover the brilliance and virtuosity of the artistry and the refinement of the symbolic depictions of myths, legends, and beliefs that express the complexities of cultural foundations.

…have a look here…

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