When creating a memorable salad it is all about following  your instincts while produce shopping. Your choice should reflect the essence of the transitioning seasons. And don’t be afraid to select unusual pairings which can really energizer your seasonal salad repertoire.

Consider all options including local organic sources. Standards like romaine, bib and  curly red, lettuces, as well as crisp iceberg for crunch. And consider using a supporting cast of radicchio, Belgian endive, peppery arugula, or mustard greens for diversity. And don’t overlook fresh herbs and red radishes to add a little zing your salads!

C antelope or honeydew melons are ideal for fall salads. You know the routine. Cut the Mellon in half crosswise. Remove the seeds and pith and cut off the outer skin and discard. Slice the flesh into bite size pieces, cover and refrigerate until you are ready to assemble the salad.

Likewise beets in a salads add a gorgeous beet red color and as well as a grounding earthy founding flavor.

If you plan to use beets it’s best to prepare them a day in advance for salads, and several days ahead if you are planning to pickled the beets. Pickled beets (recipe here) contribute a subtle sweet sour element to salads. I highly recommend including them if you have the time to prepare them.

And as a general rule of thumb consider your dressing choices thoughtfully. Dressing are meant to compliment a salad, not disguise it! A sweet and sour raspberry vinaigrette (recipe here) is ideal for this salad. I like to sweeten it just a bit for this salad by adding a teaspoon or two tof Bonne Maman raspberry preserves. I always keep a jar on hand. Also delicious drizzled over fruits topped with yogurt or with vanilla bean ice cream!

When all of the components for the salad are prepared and well chilled, you are ready to assemble the salad.

Place all leafy salad greens and radishes in a very large bowl and toss. Spoon raspberry vinaigrette sparingly over all and toss again to evenly dress the greens. Then dd the c antelope and beets and toss with the greens. Top up with a little more dressing if needed.

For serving you can either assemble the salad in a large serving bowl or platter or use individual salad bowls.
To finish the salad crumble goat cheese over the salad, tucking it in here and there. Top with very thin slices of prosciutto and serve along with extra dressing on the table.!

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