Dragon Fruit

Decidedly exotic, dragon fruit’s origins are rooted in ancient Mexico, Central America, and Peru. This arresting looking “dragon” like fruit grows on the hyjocereus climbing cactus that is now found throughout the tropics thanks to traders who transported this exotic cactus fruit throughout the Caribbean, the Pacific islands, South and Southeast Asia, and Australia centuries ago. Today dragon fruit hybrids are now widely available worldwide and well worth a try!

The exterior skin color ranges from deep red, to hot pink or yellow. The interior flesh can range from white to pale pink. The flavor and texture is best described as subtle with a pear or kiwi like profile. Dragon fruit is ideal when combined with other assertive tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple, passion fruit, and citrus fruits.

Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants, vitamin c, magnesium, and encourages probiotic growth.

Preparation is relatively easy. Simply cut away the fiery dragon like leafy wings and discard. Peel away the skin until the pale interior flesh is revealed. Slice the fruit crosswise into one inch thick discs, reveling very pale flesh dotted with tiny edible black seeds. Slice the disks into one inch strips, and then into bite size cubes. Best to refrigerate the prepared dragon fruit until you are ready to serve.

As Mentioned, serving dragon fruit is best when combined with other assertive tropical fruits. Add a dollop of yogurt atop your morning fruit bowl and you have a colorful and tantalizing taste of the tropics to start your day!

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