Wild caught Tuna Burger with Wasabi Mayo and Soft Pretzel bun

Thanks to Whole Foods this craveworthy paring can bed kept on hand in your freezer for one of those inevitable meals on a whim that you can whip up in no time.

Once cooked these tuna burgers are plump, juicy, and flavor sum and more so when topped with a heady wasabi mayo and tucked into these lightly toasted soft pretzel buns.

No recipe required other than a few preparation tips that follow.

Plan ahead and thaw out the tuna burgers and buns to room temperature.

Wasabi mayo:                                      

  • 3/4 cup mayonnaise                        
  • 1 generous tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  • 1 0r 2 teaspoons wasabi paste (available in tubes)
  • a meager splash of soy sauce

Stir all the ingredients together in a small bowl, cover, and refrigerate.

Lightly toast the sliced soft pretzel buns, interior sides up, and set aside.

Sparingly glaze a non stick pan or grill pan with oil. Set the pan over medium low heat. Add the tuna burgers and cook for about 2 minutes. Flip the burger and continue cooking for another 2 minutes. Flip once again and press the tops lightly. When the tops feels just firm the burgers are done.

Spread a little wasabi mayo on the bottom halves of the buns and place the burgers on top. Top the burgers with a generous dollop of wasabi mayo, add the tops of the buns and serve.

Suggested: Serve the tuna burgers with a crisp seasonal salad dressed simply with olive oil and vinegar and seasoned with salt and pepper.

This is a lovely quick meal that you will find yourself returning to again and again!

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