Realizing that I, as do most of us, spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking  and often retreating to the kitchen table for some plotting and scheming that inevitably veers off on other tangents. We all do it! That shopping list, that film we just saw, that tugging flavor that intuition says “add it!” It all has countenance in the pursuit of the pleasure of cooking and eating with gusto!

At My Kitchen Table in Chiang Mai.

At My Kitchen Table in Chiang Mai.

In the spirit of homey good food, here you will find a collection of fondly revisited traditional recipes, the influences of cross cultural cookery, ingredients that expand our repertoire of flavors and taste, some kitchen revelations, an ever evolving primer of recipe adaptations, savored kitchen epiphanies, and getting on with the cooking at hand!

Although recipe explanations may seem lengthy at times, they are all in an effort to insure that each recipe is completed successfully in your kitchen with the confidence and the satisfaction that all your efforts will be rewarded! It is all in the process; the sequence of gathering ingredients together, preparing before cooking begins, what to expect while you are cooking, and making a savory presentation.

Follow weekly postings on and join in on the continuing conversations about food . cookery . recipes . techniques . table tangents , share with friends and….above all else, relish your precious time spent in your own kitchen!

With that in mind…let’s get cooking!